About us

The Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI) has laid the foundations for Australia’s leading innovation precinct, anchored by the University of Melbourne.

We position world-class talent with 21st century technologies in the heart of Melbourne.

An ecosystem-based approach to innovation

CCI drives partnerships between different sectors and disciplines to address global challenges that can’t be solved by one sector alone.

The University is committed to:

  • Driving multidisciplinary partnerships between research, industry, government, entrepreneurs and the social sector
  • Attracting world-class talent
  • A community committed to sharing knowledge and exploring new terrains
  • Breaking down the barriers between disciplines, sectors and geographies
  • Programming diverse activities designed to drive collaboration

A social, cultural and community consciousness

CCI invites the community to query, test and sample possible solutions to complex problems like affordable housing, water scarcity and the transition to renewable energy. Innovation partners collaborate with the social sciences as well as the physical sciences to enhance the social outcomes of research.

With CCI, the University of Melbourne is:

  • Adapting a site with a strong social history and a six-star green star building
  • Partnering with the City of Melbourne’s Creative Spaces initiative to co-locate artists within the precinct
  • Creating a new platform to showcase technological innovation and research outcomes
  • Building new public engagement spaces including Science Gallery Melbourne