Asking “why doesn’t Australia embrace risk?” is the wrong question

Carlton Connect Initiative Program Director and Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) founder Dr Charlie Day has written an opinion piece, published in Startup Smart on 14 October 2016.

In his piece, Dr Day refers to the oft-asked questions at events about innovation in Australia: “What can we do to counter the Australian culture which sees failure as a terrible thing, unlike countries overseas (such as the US) where failure is embraced?”

‘It’s asked so often that it is easy to take for granted that the premise is correct. The problem is, it isn’t’, he writes.

In fact, Dr Day writes, the startup community in Australia is busy embracing risk, not only at the Melbourne Accelerator Program at the University of Melbourne, but also in communities at other universities, those built around co-working spaces, as well as at corporations like Australia Post, Telstra and NAB, who are investing to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among their staff and stakeholder communities.

Thus, the better question to be asking is: “how can we spread the risk embracing culture that is alive and well in the startup communities around the country, and ensure it permeates all sectors of our economy?”

Read the full article in Startup Smart.