Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain

In an increasingly globalized world where traditional food cultures are rapidly giving way to Western fast food, The Hotham Street Ladies present Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain.

The Hotham Street Ladies, Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain, icing fondant, royal icing, icing sugar and food dye.

13 October – 4 November 2016
Opening night – Thursday 13 October, 6pm-8pm (book here)
LAB-14 Gallery
700, Swanston St, Carlton

Gallery hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-6pm

Inspired by a 2013 image of South Korean teenagers throwing a ‘potato party’ in response to a McDonalds French fry discount, Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain references the excessive consumption inherent in the images of French fries piled across the table. Does this scene represent our failing food culture or provide motivation for change and preservation of food diversity?

The mountain landscape of icing fries, sauce, nuggets and burgers in the installation juxtaposes this contemporary food phenomenon with the traditional Korean “true-view” landscape painting movement, in which Korean artists broke from Chinese traditions to focus on their own cultural identity and depiction of Korean environment.

Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain provokes us to explore the humble potato and its capacity to feed us into the future.

Whether or not climate change will adversely affect the potato growing industry is controversial. Some scientists predict a devastating effect on this important crop, which is a dietary staple of many cultures, therefore bringing into real focus the possibility of increased poverty and starvation in some parts of the world. Will Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain become a scene within a museum documenting a food stock deeply rooted in the culture of a bygone era?

Equally, other scientists are predicting that potatoes will still grow in some regions of the world and might turn out to be more robust than other vegetables. In this case potatoes could make up an even greater proportion of the diet in many parts of the world. Will Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain appear less gluttonous, and more a normal portrayal of everyday life in the future?

Autumn Moon over Potato Blossom Mountain is part of Absolutely Famished, a creative exploration of future food and the 22nd century marketplace curated by Dr Renee Beale.

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About The Hotham Street Ladies:
the-hotham-street-ladiesThe Hotham Street Ladies are a group of five women who at one time lived in a share household in Collingwood, and still draw much inspiration from this household, including their love of food, dinner parties, domestic landscapes, CWA cookbooks and sense of community.

The Hotham Street ladies’ work embraces the themes of food, fashion, feminism and craft; and how their collaborative participation in, and contemporizing of, these activities creates their own distinct cultural community and connects to others. The Hotham Street Ladies combine innovation and contemporary critique with nostalgic or familiar elements that are accessible to a wide audience.

The Hotham Street Ladies are Cassandra Chilton, Molly O’Shaughnessy, Sarah Parkes, Caroline Price and Lyndal Walker.