Brexit, Trump and the future of democracy

Presented by the EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges.

Date and time: Wednesday 17 May, 6pm-7pm
Location: Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre, Arts West, University of Melbourne
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The international political landscape in 2017 is coloured by Brexit, the advent of the Trump administration, and the French, British and German elections. These developments raise crucial questions about democracy, populism and the role of the media. Our panel of experts will debate the following questions: Are citizens losing faith in democracy? Why have populist parties and movements gained prominence in Europe and North America? Can and should constitutional institutions withstand the onslaught of populism? And what is the role of the media in covering these developments, amidst heated debates about political trust, ‘fake news’ and freedom of speech? Our panel of experts will take a critical look at these and other issues. This event takes place shortly after the conclusion of elections in France, and shortly before the UK elections.


Moderator – Prof Glyn Davis, Vice-Chancellor, University of Melbourne

Dr. Andrea Carson, Lecturer in Media and Politics, University of Melbourne
Dr. Roberto Foa, Lecturer in Political Science, University of Melbourne
Prof Adrienne Stone, Director, Centre for Comparative Constitutional Studies, Melbourne Law School
Prof Philomena Murray, Research Director, EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges