Bringing an immersive media experience to Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017

The Carlton Connect Initiative is excited to be a partner of immersive media startup (and MAP alumni) PHORIA to deliver the Immersive Media Lounge experience at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017.

The Melbourne-based startup has brought together over a dozen of the city’s best and brightest to design and co-create a series of interactive experiences that excites the imagination.

Located at the Festival Hub at the State Library of Victoria, visitors to the Lounge will be greeted by an interactive hologram, and can witness the evolution of art, enjoy the future of enhanced digital wellbeing and embark on an interactive exploration of unique Melbourne sites and spaces through time.

The Immersive Media Lounge at Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017. Image: PHORIA

Carlton Connect’s Director of Engagement, Jacyl Shaw, says the Immersive Media Lounge at the State Library of Victoria is a core part of Melbourne Knowledge Week 2017.

“The University of Melbourne’s Carlton Connect Initiative is very proud to partner with PHORIA on this interactive exploration of unlimited possibility when tech meets art, health and wellbeing, history, idea and civic identity”, she says.

“When we pause to put a spotlight on what makes our city’s heart beat, we uncover new ideas, opportunities for entrepreneurship, intelligent spaces, places, technology, imagination, curiosity and the future – in all forms of “reality”.

Co-founder and CEO of PHORIA, Trent Clews-de Castella, is excited to share the startup’s creations with the world and “inspire the next generation of movers and shakers to dive headfirst into these incredible experiential technologies”.

“This collaborative event has witnessed more than a dozen partners come together to explore new ideas across the fields of VR, AR and Mixed Reality,” he says.

The Immersive Media Lounge is open from 10am-8pm until Saturday 6 May at the Melbourne Knowledge Week Festival Hub at the State Library of Victoria.