CCI in ten years

Innovating at a large scale

Co-location The precinct will co-locate more than 2000 leaders from research and education, larger multinationals and SMEs, government and the creative communities. We’ll have people working in up to 50,000 sqm of labs, offices, co-working and event spaces.

Science Gallery Melbourne will be a signature destination inviting 250,000 people and young learners per year into the Australian node of Science Gallery International network.

Entrepreneurship The Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP)’s vibrant startup ecosystem is expected to grow from eight to 50 alumni each year creating hundreds of jobs, sustainable companies and social enterprises. Early estimates show that MAP’s economic contribution to Australia’s GDP in 2015 was over $32m. That figure will grow significantly.

A global stage of innovation

As the precinct evolves, we will see:

  • Businesses, partnerships and alliances that embrace the opportunities of the information age, the digital high-tech economy and Australia’s position in the Asian region
  • Breakthrough innovations that capitalise on new and disruptive technologies to tackle global challenges
  • The successful deployment of ideas from a strong pipeline of research talent to meet new markets and exports, high value jobs, new skills and a knowledge driven future
  • A thriving and energetic culture that brings audiences through our front door to explore the interaction between art and science
  • New approaches to mixing disciplines to increase the sustainability of Australian business and communities
  • A generation of graduates and professionals trained with the capability to recognise and manage innovation streams in a broad range of settings
  • University of Melbourne knowledge partners with increased sustainability, profile and impact