Connecting entrepreneurial minds across the University

Prof David Grayden talks about the Biodesign course at the mixer event.

The booming interest in entrepreneurship and innovation has seen the launch of a number of new programs and initiatives at the University of Melbourne over the last year.

“As the University’s innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem expands, connecting our people and programs is critical to accelerating outcomes” Carlton Connect Innovation Development Lead and Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) Program Director, Dr Simon Wilkins, says.

“That’s why we launched the Entrepreneurship and Innovation mixer series – to foster those connections.”

Mixer events offer attendees the chance to hear about many of the programs run on or around campus and connect with like-minded colleagues, fellow students and alumni.

The first mixer for 2017, held at the start of the semester, saw more than 75 entrepreneurially curious attendees gathered at Carlton Connect’s LAB-14 to hear from programs and participants over pizza and drinks.

Speaking alumni included Eleanor Toulmin and Rosh Ghadamian (Wade Institute Master of Entrepreneurship); Sarah Fink and Gerdus Buitendag (Biodesign); and Dr Mohsen Kalantari and Steven Chau (Translating Research at Melbourne).

Emma Moore, a graduate student in biomedical engineering, said that the mixer was a valuable event that gave her the opportunity to meet others who were interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.

“As a biomedical engineering student, it’s quite uncommon to meet others in my cohort who are as passionate about the business side of things as I am, “ Emma says.

“It was so great to hear from and meet so many others across various industries with common interests.”

Innovation and entrepreneurship focused programs and groups represented at the February mixer included:

  • The Wade Institute’s Master of Entrepreneurship
  • STEMBEA student group
  • Biodesign Innovation course
  • Melbourne Business School innovation course
  • Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP)
  • Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program
  • Creating Innovative Engineering (CIE) course

Interested in attending the next mixer? Contact Lauren Sosdian at [email protected]