Elissa Goodrich – new artist-in-residence at LAB-14

In July we welcome Elissa Goodrich, with Dr Anna Syme and Nadja Kostich, to the Creative Spaces LAB-14 studio, where they will be in residence until 25 September 2016. This is the third of four residences at the studio this year.

elissa-goodrichElissa is a percussionist, sound artist and composer who records and performs in contemporary classical, jazz and pop groups. Dr Anna Syme is a Melbourne-based evolutionary biologist whose research focuses on the evolutionary histories of particular animals and plants, and uses genetic information (DNA) and physical characteristics to infer the historical relationships between species. Nadja Kostich is an interdisciplinary artist who conceives, directs and creatively produces both large-scale and intimate works.

During their residency, the collaborators will experiment with Anna’s scientific modelling of changes to DNA in response to climate change as a basis for Elissa’s music compositing. With dramaturg, Nadja they will consider the human emotional impact of such modelling. Three public Q&As will be staggered within the residency. Find out more