Food Desire & Technology by Pierre Proske

As advances in food production and genetic modification of crops solve many of the problems of food security and demand, the question of the desirability of food nevertheless remains.

Pierre Proske, Mushroom Heart, 2016.

6 September – 4 October 2016
Opening night – Tuesday 6 September, 6pm-8pm (Register here)
LAB-14 Gallery
700 Swanston St, Carlton

Gallery hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 9am-6pm

Will automatically ripening and anti-browning fruits retain their allure? Will nutrient-rich food shakes replace the good old Sunday roast? How will the latest sensing devices interpret our biometrics as a way to measure our response and desire for food? New developments in genetics catalysed by the latest technologies will change the food landscape and come into conflict with our desires.

This exhibition explores the fragile relation between food, desire and technology. It consists of a series of playful experiments by artist Pierre Proske that engage with current or potential commercial applications of food related technology. From exploring food consumption data analytics, to questions around new gene editing tools such as CRISPR as well as a data visualization of aphrodisiacs, Proske deploys various custom software tools to produce a series of works intended to stimulate discussion around the role of new technologies as mediators of desire in the food industry.

Food Desire & Technology is part of Absolutely Famished, a creative exploration of future food curated by Dr Renee Beale. Underpinned by scientific research it imagines the 22nd century marketplace.

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About Pierre Proske:
Pierre Proske is an Australian artist intrigued by the pervasiveness of technology in science and culture and its relationship to nature. After years of juggling parallel interests in technology and the arts, Pierre tired of the schizophrenia and finally discovered that it was socially acceptable, in fact highly desirable, to merge the two. Consequently he has taken on the ambitious task of rendering technology accountable to our sometimes misplaced but inevitable humanity.

Proske’s work involves exposing the unspoken relationships we have with technology and harnessing machines into exploring new aesthetics. Both resisting and exploiting modern techno-utopian trends, Proske employs humour and the absurd as weapons against the invasion of computer augmented realities. Pierre is the founder of electronic media arts organisation Media Lab Melbourne and runs his own creative technology studio Sensory Empire.



This event is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016.