Our community

The Carlton Connect community is a broad and diverse one. We bring businesses, startups, research teams and the community together to tackle complex problems, and pride ourselves on creating innovative ways to bring communities together through co-location, strong national and global networks, innovative events, workshops and hackathons, as well as through corporate and research engagement.

Working with partners co-located and off-site

Co-located and off-site partners are central to our model. Multidisciplinary partnerships stretch into hospitals, non-government organisations (NGOs), research institutes, companies and communities on a local, national and global scale.

CCI partnerships include six groupings:

  • University communities: CCI attracts world-class talent – students, academics and professionals
  • SMEs and startups: Australia’s leading accelerator program MAP will invite over 50 alumni per year into the precinct
  • Large businesses and multinationals: at full scale, the precinct will co-locate academics and business professionals on-site in equal measure
  • All levels of government: CCI works in partnership with government to co-design research teams within a dynamic and vibrant precinct
  • Community, not-for-profit and NGOs provide the networks needed to enhance multidisciplinary partnerships
  • Creative communities contribute to the conversations and bring new perspectives to complex problems