Partnerships and projects

The Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI) is committed to the proactive development of a world-class innovation precinct with two streams of activity – the creation of a central place and the capability to build partnerships. This confluence enables us to turn the energy and talent of people from academia, business, and all levels of government into a world of potential through innovation. We are the curators, catalysts and stewards – cris-crossing through technologies, sectors and streams of knowledge to solve complex problems for
our communities.

The University of Melbourne seeks to attract the best and brightest – in Australia and on an international stage. With CCI a new cohort of academics and students will find their way into our research doors and our collective success stories.

We partner with businesses to address global challenges that cannot be solved by one sector alone. We also partner with all levels of government to tackle problems that affect us here and now, assembling teams with distinctive capabilities to transition our communities through change.

We are excited to be part of an international conversation about learning and teaching in the 21st century through extensive networks that nourish our prosperity and productivity.

Through partnerships we will create new industries for growth and stability in manufacturing, communications, virtual reality, services and farming to name but a few.