Impact areas

We apply fresh thinking through a collaborative approach to pressing social challenges such as food security and production, precision agriculture, smart cities and smart grids, transport and infrastructure, energy and water.

We create economic, social and cultural value through cross-sectoral relationships and creative connections. Our approach is to innovate through fresh thinking and technologies, strengthening the financial viability of ideas and lessening the environmental footprint of our work.

We spark and ignite projects around food, water, energy and urbanisation to grapple with problems like climate change, water scarcity and population growth.

We embrace the use of underpinning technologies as a vehicle for maximising sustinability and resilience. Our partners explore and innovate with mobile devices, DNA sequencing, 3-D prinitng, humanoid robotics, autonomous vehicles, sensing and monitoring equipment, alternative energy technology, storage systems, and more efficient power systems.

The impact is broad and includes improved urban ecology and biodiversity, improved access and social equity, better governance and planning by design, energy efficiency and reduced demand, accelerated transition to renewable energy, enhanced risk management, improved crop protection and food quality and lower health care costs – to name but a few.