Engaging researchers

The Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program accelerates commercial insight for researchers. Based on the US National Science Foundation’s I-CORP’s Lean LaunchPad methodology, the TRaM program gives teams access to essential resources (including funding, space within LAB-14, structured mentoring and networking, as well as opportunities to pitch to industry and investors) to identify and act upon “market pull” for their research.

Partnerships and projects

The University of Melbourne seeks to attract the best and the brightest – in Australia and on an international stage. With Carlton Connect a new cohort of academics and students will find their way into our research doors and our collective success stories.

We partner with business and all levels of government to address global challenges that cannot be solved by one sector alone. We apply fresh thinking through a collaborative approach to pressing social challenges such as food security and production, precision agriculture, smart cities and smart grids, transport and infrastructure, energy and water.

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Carlton Connect partnerships have a local, national and global impact with improved urban ecology and biodiversity, better governance and planning by design, transition to renewable energy, enhanced risk management, improved crop protection and food quality, and lower health costs.