Faculty: Engineering

Team members: Shouryadipta Ghosh, Sarina Moshfegh, Aishwarya Kansakar, Vijay Rajagopal

About the team:

Demand for Australian-made medicines and vaccines is set to double from the current estimate of $20bn over the next 10 years. Australia’s future depends on equipping our workforce with solid foundations in biology and STEM disciplines. However, 3 out of 4 Australian high school children perform poorly in biology. Limited resources for skilled teachers and equipment mean that Australia is running the risk of losing this opportunity altogether. Cell craft is an edu-tech start-up that is developing an innovative gaming and content management platform built on strong fundamentals in teaching practice and biophysics-based computer simulation. Our aim is to revolutionise biology and STEM teaching to propel Australia into an innovative 21st century economy in the healthcare sector.