Fourth Element Energy

Web-based geothermal design


Faculty: Engineering

Team members: Guillermo Narsilio, Gregorius Aditya, Nikolas Makasis, Linden Jensen-Page, Asal Bidarmaghz

A sustainable energy future is not possible relying on the three elements of solar, wind and hydro alone. The world needs the fourth element – geothermal. In your city, basements, roads and metro tunnels are currently not renewable energy sources, but this will change with 4EE. An integrated cloud based solution, 4EE is a world first design software that turns any subsurface structure into a source of cheap, clean geothermal energy. Thus, architects, engineers, power companies and governments can work towards a complete sustainable energy future.

4EE, a powerful software platform to easily design solutions that access energy that is already there; just by looking underground.