So-Mo Mapper and Intelligence

Soil moisture measurement


Faculty: Engineering

Team members: Guillermo Narsilio, Amir Orangi, Chenxi Zang

So-Mo Mapper & Intelligence makes precision agriculture techniques accessible to all farmers to boost productivity, increase crop yield, and save water. It is a comprehensive solution to make mapping soil moisture cheaper, easier and faster, based on a novel geo-sensor technology. So-Mo seamlessly integrates these maps into advanced data analytics to provide processed intelligence for farmers to make informed decisions on irrigation, or it transfers inputs to smart automated systems.

In extensive agriculture (e.g., vineyards, cotton, nuts), water use represents up to 70% of its cost, but water management relies on single point measurements. So-Mo’s technology maps the whole land moisture (also useful in other applications: quality control for road construction, risk control for bushfire prevention and more).

So-Mo Mapper & Intelligence – sustainable smart agriculture for all farmers.