Telkom Indonesia Socio Digi Leader 2017 Roadshow

An information session on Socio Digi Leader 2017 (SDL 2017), presented by Telkom Indonesia.

Telkom Indonesia Socio Digi Leader 2017 (SDL 2017) is a global competition supported by Telkom Indonesia, the largest telecommunication company in Indonesia with over 150 million subscribers.

The theme of SDL 2017 is Empowering the Community through Information and Digital Technology.

SDL 2017 invites submissions from teams (of three people), for creative ideas for the betterment of Indonesia. The creative ideas can be a business concept, management, social, education, process improvement, product, technology or digital apps.

Date and time: Monday 22 May, 12pm-2pm
Venue: LAB-14, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton
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Telkom Indonesia’s Chief Human Capital Officer is scheduled to be present at the roadshow, to talk about Telkom Indonesia and SDL 2017.

Event itinerary:
Session 1: “Indonesia Digital Opportunities for Australian Youth and Startups”

Session 2: “Introducing Telkom Indonesia: a Global Digital Company with Multinational Working Culture”

Session 3: “Telkom Indonesia Socio Digi Leader 2017: A Global Competition of Youth Creative Ideas for Betterment of Indonesia”

Session 4: “My journey in Telkom Socio Digi Leader 2016”

The SDL 2017 prize: Twenty finalist teams will be invited for a one-week bootcamp in Bali (accommodation and meals provided). The three winning teams will visit startup ecosystems in Europe or Asia.