The age of climate change and humanitarian consequences

Presented by Breakthrough and the Australian-German Climate and Energy College.


Date and time: Thursday 6 April, 6pm-7pm
Venue: LAB-14, 700 Swanston St, Carlton

The national security dimension of climate change receives little attention in Australia but is the subject of intense focus overseas, particularly in the United States. Climate change interacts with other pre-existing problems to become an accelerant to instability in unexpected ways. Scarce resources, growing water scarcity, declining crop yields, rising food prices, extreme weather events and health impacts become catalysts for instability and conflict, especially in Asia.

Join Breakthrough and The Australian-German Climate and Energy College for a special forum on Climate Change and National Security with Sherri Goodman, former Deputy Undersecretary for Environmental Security at the US Department of Defense.

About Sherri Goodman
Sherri Goodman has extensive experience working as an executive, policymaker, and lawyer in the US focusing on science, technology, national security, energy, and the environment. Ms Goodman will reflect on her experience in the US working on climate change and national security, including the development of two major reports: National Security and the Threat of Climate Change (2007); and National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change (2014). Sherri Goodman is on Tour in Australia promoting The Age of Consequences film.